Axelar Network Introduction


definition and principle of operation

  • A decentralized network that connects blockchain ecosystems that operates different languages
  • And also layered on top of protocol suites with APIs, making it easy to make cross-chain requests


  • Cross-Chain Gateway Protocol (CGP). This protocol is analogous to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) dynamic routing protocol that exists on the Internet. The CGP protocol is used to connect many autonomous blockchain ecosystems and is responsible for routing between them. Blockchains do not need to speak any particular language, platform developers do not need to make changes to the code, while their blockchains can easily connect to the global network.
  • Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CTP). This protocol is analogous to the application layer protocol for file transfer (File Transfer Protocol) and hypertext (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) on the Internet. It is a set of application layer protocols that sits on top of routing protocols (such as CGP and other routing technologies). Application developers can connect their decentralized applications to any blockchain and execute cross-chain requests. With the CTP protocol, users can interact with applications on any blockchain using simple API calls similar to HTTP GET/POST requests. Developers can lock, unlock and transfer assets between any two addresses on any blockchain platforms, make cross-chain application calls. For example, dapps on blockchain A can update their original state if some other app on blockchain B satisfies some search criteria (search % > X), and perform common cross-chain requests between apps on different networks (smart contract on blockchain A can cause an update of the state of the smart contract in blockchain B). This protocol provides the ability to connect programs across blockchain ecosystems.
Axelar Network is run by a decentralized open network of validators, anyone can join, use it and participate in the network protocol.

Network Features

Byzantine consensus, cryptography, and incentives are designed with high security and resiliency requirements for cross-network requests.

Advantages of Axelar Network


It’s a great project with a great future!

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