How Biconomy simplifies web3

Biconomy is a revolution solution in web 3.0 in this article you will better understand what directly company simplifies and which problem try to solve.

Biconomy was founded in 2019, company are building transaction infrastructure for Web 3.0. What Biconomy is building is a network that overcomes critical roadblocks to user adoption of Web 3.0 applications stemming from complex onboarding and confusing transaction experiences. Biconomy’s mission is to facilitate easy access to decentralized blockchain interactions and create seamless multichain experiences.

Today, web3 applications have terrible UX, complex transactions, gas charges in only one currency depends on network, volatile and high prices for the gas, pending and frozen transactions. The need to pay for gas for every interaction with a decentralized application. Proficiency in complex blockchain technicalities is required such as using MetaMask, signing transactions, understanding gas etc.

As you can already understand, Biconomy solves all the previously listed problems. The team offers us such features as:

  • Onboard without paying gas through gasless transactions.
  • By the way, you can pay gas in your favorite ERC-20 token or your decentrilize app token.
  • Avoid blockchain complexities such as changing network.
  • And last but not the least, lightning-fast confirmed transactions.

Also, the product infrastructure takes care of optimizing and reducing gas costs by 40%.

So, this is how the Biconomy project makes the life of web3 users better. Thank you for attention!